Data Entry Keeper (FT) Job at Ewing Bros Inc. Las Vegas, NV

Full Job Description

The data entry keeper is responsible for sending out and tracking required lien sales notices according to the timeline dictated by Nevada law and sending notices via certified mail. This person is in charge of searching for owners of impounded vehicles online through multiple databases such as the DMV and/or Data Direct and entering owner information into the system. This job requires attention to detail, organization, and the ability to provide great customer service to owner(s)/lien holders who call requesting information about the certified letter(s) they received.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
include the following:
  • Other duties may be assigned.
  • Process 3-day notices to owner(s) by certified mail.
  • On the 5th business day, initiates the lien sales process.
  • Search the DMV database and Auto Direct database for owner information, both local and out of state searches are required.
If a DMV search is not available online, the information has to be requested by writing and sent to the applicable DMV. This request must include a check for the associated search fee.
Mails out other required notices by certified mail.
Corresponds with the DMV by sending the DMV a list of vehicles that need appraised for the weekly auction and coordinates the DMV’s vin inspection of each vehicle, if needed.

Sends notices to owners when vehicles are released that were being held by different agencies.

Releases cars to customers who purchase cars at the weekly auction.
Weekly – prints electronic certified mail signatures through the Pitney Bowes US postal service for proof of delivery of required letters. Sends list of vehicles to sell to R&R Salvage for their review. Sends a list of vehicles to the LV Review Journal prior to the auction when the Liens Manager is not available.
Answers calls and emails from customers who received a certified letter or who are inquiring about the weekly auto auction.
Monitors funds on the postage machine and data direct. Writes checks for the postage machine when funds are low and advises the company controller when funds need to be added to Data Direct online.
Reconciles the NV DMV records that are requested and emails a copy of the reconciliation to A/P for backup documentation purposes.
Large amounts of data entry required.

About the Company

Company: Ewing Bros Inc.

Company Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Estimated Salary: